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All Watercolor Adhesive Pack


All Watercolor Adhesive Pack

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Product Description

This pack includes 10 12″ by 14″ Watercolor Adhesive Sheets, this is one each of our watercolor designs offered at MSCS.

These 14″ by 12″ adhesive permanent outdoor sheets are printed with our eco solvent ink here at the warehouse. We use the highest quality printable adhesive vinyl, Oracal 651 – Gloss Permanent Adhesive, that has a durable glossy finish. This adhesive vinyl has a 3-5 year durability.

While the ink and material for this adhesive vinyl is waterproof, oils from your hands can eventually break down the ink over a period of time. To prevent this we recommend pairing it with our Clear StyleTech 4000 series vinyl to extend the vibrant colors of your vinyl. If you decide to do this you would apply the Clear StyleTech Vinyl on top of your section of vinyl to cut and adjust your cut setting to accommodate the added thickness. We always recommend a test cut before cutting the full design.